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Packing for Two Weeks in a Carry-On Suitcase

20 Items Total

40+ Outfits

Is there anything worse than packing? Besides unpacking of course. Packing for two weeks in a carry-on can seem daunting, but putting together multifaceted, fashionable looks is totally doable with a limited wardrobe. When packing, you want to look for pieces that are both stylish and versatile. Bring along some accessories like jewelry or belts to add visual interest and draw attention to certain parts of your outfit. And of course, don’t forget about shoes - opt for styles that are comfortable and are able to pair with multiple outfits. Before you begin, it’s important to first assess what items you’ll need depending on where you are going, the climate, and activities that you plan on doing. Fabrics and color palette should depend on time of year/where you are traveling. Here is a basic list to get you started:

The Items:

1. Black T-Shirt (sleeve length based on weather) **Worn on the Plane

2. White T-Shirt (sleeve length based on weather)

3. Button Down Blouse (or sweater depending on weather)

4. Denim Jeans

5. Black Jeans

6. Jogger Pants **Worn on the Plane

7. Lightweight Hoodie

8. Denim Jacket (or heavier coat depending on weather) **Worn on the Plane

9. Neutral Blazer

10. Matching Top & Pant Set

11. Matching Top & Skirt Set

12. Slip Dress

13. Heeled Sandals (open or closed toe depending on weather)

14. Mules or Flat Sandals

15. Fashion Sneakers **Worn on the Plane

16. Ankle Boots or Wedges (depending on weather)

17. Black Purse (preferably one that can transform to a clutch)

18. Brown Purse (preferably one that can transform to a clutch)

19. Black/Brown Belt

20. Jewelry, Hat, Tote Bag **Worn on the Plane

The Combinations:

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