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Over 60 & Having Fun with Fashion

At any age, fashion should be a fun and creative way to express yourself. But for women over the age of 60, it is especially important to stay true to their sense of style and find ways to have fun with fashion. After all, life doesn’t end after you reach a certain age — it just changes! So why not embrace this new stage in life by embracing fashion that reflects your personality? With the right attitude and approach, having fun with fashion can make anyone over 60 feel confident and stylish. Here are a few tips I like to share with clients of ANY age:

1. Trade in Your Basic Pants for Something With a Bit More Flavor

With so many of my clients, I find that their go-to outfit formula is basic pants and a fun top. Lately, I have been urging them to flip their mindset and concentrate on a basic top with fun pants. Instead of a classic straight leg jean, try a wide leg trouser jean. Swap your basic khakis for a fun, bold patterned pant. I love when my clients pair a colorful solid or patterned pant with an effortless white linen button down either worn open with an undershirt or knotted at the waist for a flattering look.

2. Take Time to Accessorize

With accessories, I urge clients in their 60’s to have fun with purses, belts, and jewelry. It’s so easy to just reach for the same bag each day out of convenience, but really, pushing yourself to coordinate your bag with your outfit will give a more complete, stylish, and fun feel to your look. It’s those finishing touches that take a basic outfit and make it elevated and stylish. I also encourage my clients to find balance with color in their outfits so if they are wearing a darker shoe on bottom, they should pair it with a darker top or if they have a colored shoe they should pair it with a colored earring or belt, this creates cohesion from head to toe with the look.

3. Add Elements of Personal Style

Have some really unique pieces you have collected throughout the years? Don't let them collect any more dust! The best way to maintain your personal style, is to concentrate on the accessories, or as I like to call them the links of an outfit. A basic jean and t-shirt can really take on any personal style if they are paired with a belt, jewelry, handbag, or sunglasses that really feel true to your personal style. Emphasis on the accessories can really help you identify your personal style and effortlessly added to any outfit you put on.

4. When Shopping, Look For Unique Details

Another great tip for people in their 60s who want to add some fun flavor to their every day wardrobe is looking for pieces that have subtle details that make them feel fun and fresh. This can be a flared, pant, a jacket with some unique buttons or details, or a simple T-shirt that has a bit of a ruffle on the sleeve. The small details can really add some fun elements to your every day style.

5. Get Creative With Styling

I love encouraging my clients in their 60s to think about their clothing in a different way. If you have a dress that you love but rarely have the opportunity to wear it, try throwing a T-shirt or a button down shirt (knotted at the waist) on top to give the illusion of a skirt. Do you have a kimono style cover up that you were at the pool? Try wearing it with a basic tank top and jeans and flats or sandals. Do you have a button up dress, try undoing all the buttons, and wearing it as a duster. Try a monochromatic outfit and wear the same color from head to toe. It’s never too late to look at your clothes with a fresh eye and try something new. What’s more fun than that!

Having fun with fashion over 60 doesn’t have to be difficult. With a few simple tips and tricks, women can look and feel their best while expressing themselves through their wardrobe choices. Whether you choose timeless pieces or experiment with bold colors and prints, fashion should always be an enjoyable experience regardless of your age. So go ahead – embrace this new stage in life by finding ways to express yourself through clothing that make you feel confident and stylish!

Do you still feel like you need help putting together outfits? Do you get the outfit 80% complete and then feel lost? Consider hiring a stylist today to help you find your personal style and complete the look. More information can her found here.

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