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Finding Spring 2023 Looks in our Closet

Call me crazy, but the second the clock strikes midnight on NYE, I’m ready to flip the page to spring. I am immediately dreaming about my next vacation or the soonest I can sit outside at lunch and bask in the sunshine. Holiday candles? Chunky Sweaters? Get ‘em out of here! For me, spring fashion has always been the perfect bridge between winter’s textured layers and summer’s effortless vibrance. This year, with upcycling and sustainability at the forefront of everyone’s mind, we are going to be seeing a lot of crossover from 2022 fashion moments. It is officially time to dig deep in your closets, get creative, and optimize to pieces you already own with some smart styling tips. Here are four spring 2023 trends you already have hiding in your closet:

1. Metallics/Sequins

Don’t pack up your New Year’s outfit yet. This spring dive headfirst into this fun, unexpected trend. Instead of a head-to-toe sequin look, try pairing a sparkly top with a casual denim jean or layer a metallic crop top over a crisp white button down. The surprising mix of ultra-glam with casual basics is going to create an effortless, luxe look.

2. Maxi Skirts

Long hems are in this season and the good news? You know that old Maxi dress you have had in your closet since your last beach vacation? It’s time to bust it out, throw on a belt and layer a basic tee on top. Just like that, you have created a maxi skirt silhouette.

3. Tailored Pieces

Great tailoring is always in. Try styling your workwear out of the office by pairing a tailored trouser with a chambray shirt for day and a leather jacket at night. Try adding a belt on the outside of your blazer to create a top.

4. Long Drop Earrings

A great way to dress up a basic tee and jeans is by accessorizing. It makes an outfit feel intentional and well-styled. Big, long earrings are making a comeback this year. Try connecting some hoops you already own to one another to achieve this look.

Finding new ways to wear pieces you already own will help you maintain your personal style, optimize your closet, and reinvigorate your love for the items you already own. Want to get creative? Try wearing a white button down as a skirt (button up the shirt, step in through the neck and tie the sleeves in a knot at your waistline) or wearing your cardigan backwards. . It’s important to make fashion fun and keep it new and exciting without spending money on each new trend.

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