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5 Common Myths About Working With A Personal Stylist

Are you afraid styling means expensive clothing and purging your whole closet? Think Again.

Myth Number One

We will make you buy expensive clothes only.

A skilled stylist is able to work within any price range and help their clients find pieces that work for their bodies and budget. It is all about having the eye for creating balance, styled looks. Regardless of the price tag.

Myth Number Two

We will enforce fashion "rules" that don't apply to you.

We are not the fashion police. Our goal is to make you feel confident in your clothes, not judge your choices. A skilled stylist is able to throw out the "rule-book" and help each individual client express their unique style and find what works for them.

Myth Number Three

We will make you throw out your whole wardrobe.

A closet edit does not mean getting rid of everything because it's "Wrong". It is about optimizing what you own, identifying your needs & making getting dressed easier. You would be so surprised with what great outfits you already own but haven't discovered yet.

Myth Number Four

You have to be a certain size to work with a stylist.

The best part about working with a stylist is that they are trained in dressing all genders, ages & body types. The goal is to highlight your natural beauty and celebrate what makes you, YOU! It is all about boosting confidence through your clothing, no matter your size.

Myth Number Five

Styling is just for the Rich & Famous

Working with a stylist, even just one time, can help educate you on how to shop for your body type, define your personal style, and optimize your closet. Many stylists believe that every single personal should get the "Hollywood Stylist" experience without the exclusive price tag.

What of these myths have you told yourself as a reason not to hire a personal stylist? I hear these misconceptions over and over again from my clients. The good news? On the other side of these doubts and worries, is a solution to all your wardrobe problems. The truth is you deserve to put "feeling good about yourself" on the top of your to-do list.

What are you waiting for? It's free to set up a consultation call with me and get 30 minutes of FREE style advice. It's time to take second guessing out of getting dressed. I would love to hear from you!!

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