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Full Style & Wardrobe Rebuild

Joy of Style Experience

Do you have a closet full of nothing to wear? Do you hate shopping but desperately need a fashion update? Need help deciding what looks good on you and how to style what you have? This is the experience that covers everything and will fully revamp your wardrobe and leave you with a better sense of personal style and how to dress for confidence. Here is what is included:

  • Introductory Style Q&A to help me better understand who you are and your needs

  • A Digital Style Profile and Virtual Closet that can be accessed from your smartphone

  • 3-hour Closet Edit & Organization where we will go through your closet and decide what to keep and what to get rid of (i.e. what is outdated, ill-fitting, etc)

  • Create a curated list to help identify what holes need to be filled to complete your wardrobe

  • We will establish your digital Lookbook where we can upload photos of pieces in your closet and start to create looks

  • Before shopping, we will design a collaborative Style Inspiration Board to help define your personal style that suits your body and lifestyle

  • 3 hour Shopping Session either one on one together at the mall or online. (this can also be done solo by me and delivered to your home)

  • Followed by a 2 hour Styling Session at your home to help you filter in new pieces into your closet and make new, seasonal looks that can be accessed from your smart phone.

  • A post-experience style analysis with styling notes

  • 90 days of unlimited texts for styling advice/questions

Recommendation: following your wardrobe refresh, you can subscribe to my monthly style guides to keep your closet updated through season changes and keep up with my current favorites and sales. You can sign up here.

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Let's Revamp Your Style 

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