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Closet Edit & Organization

What to Expect 

A great place to start when trying to improve your wardrobe and overall style is with a concise, intentional, and organized closet. You know the saying "never go grocery shopping hungry"? Well, you should never go shopping before editing your closet. 

This experience can be adjusted and customized depending on your specific needs

$350/up to four hours

Image by Olena Sergienko

Joy of the Introduction

Introductory Q&A and Personal Style Assessment 
  • Upon booking, you will be sent a comprehensive Style Q&A to help me better understand who you are and what your needs are. (Don't worry, I will help you answer any questions you don't know the answer to!)

  • After completing your online Q&A, you will be set up with an online style profile and virtual closet you can access from your phone.


Joy of the Detox

Closet Editing - What Stays and What Goes
  • Once we set up a time to meet at your home, we will begin sorting through what you have in your closet.

  • Together, we will identify which pieces no longer serve you (outdated, ill-fitting, etc) and what items we want to keep.

  • I will take away and donate the items you no longer want and/or make suggestions where to sell any items.

Clothing Rack_edited_edited.jpg

Joy of the Refresh

Closet Organization and Outfit Styling
  • With what we have kept, we will style complete outfits that can be archived in your virtual closet for you to reference anytime. 

  • We will end the session with organizing your closet to make getting ready easy. 

  • Post Appointment, I will send a shopping check list to fill any holes. 

Next, The Wardrobe Rebuild

Once your closet is complete, it's time to rebuild your wardrobe with fresh pieces personally shopped for you by Abigail Valentine, either in person or virtually!

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